Services we Currently Provide

In-House Programmes in Place

Home Care

Our primary home care goal is to accomodate as many children as beds available in a house with loving, dedicated parent figures and volunteers to care for them.


Each child has the right to an education and each child needs to attend a school that is best suited for their needs and disabilities.


Nutrition is very important for growing children. Our children receive all their meals (breakfast, lunch, supper lunchboxes, and snacks) according to their age and supplement needs.

Medical Care

Basic health care needs to be provided for common colds and illnesses. Some of the children placed with us do however have special medical needs which we endeavour to assist with.


Children not only need to be transported to school and back, but also to hospital, friends, and even recreation facilities like shopping Centre’s and the movies.


Sport is a great release for children. A recreation Centre is more a need than a “must have” for the successful integration of a happy well rounded childhood for these children.


1 in 4 children are abused in South Africa. Our children are more at risk of coming from an abused family and counseling and special care is needed.

HIV Program

Many children are infected with HIV and we need to ensure the proper care of infected children and also proper guidelines for non-infected children.


soaps, shampoos, underarm
& sanitary pads, etc


books, pens, scientific
calculators, bags, etc.

Food Items

non perishable or grocery


Secondhand for boys
& girls in good condition

Computer Equipment

Old PC’s, laptops,Monitors
&other incl software,etc.

Cleaning Supplies

detergents, towels,mops
& brooms,etc.

Books & Music

reading books, DVD’s, puzzle
books, music & musical equipment,etc.

Sports / Gym Equipment

weights, sport shoes,
boxing gloves & protective gear,etc.

Want to get involved?

Send us a message and let us know how you would like to assist 🙂

    Keys to Success

    Our Objectives

    • To provide a warm, comfortable, safe and loving home for all our children, with the interaction of other organizations involved in the individual children’s needs.
    • We aim to make HIC a community project by involving the residents of Newcastle and embracing whatever skills they have to offer, even if it is just a bit of their time.
    • To secure funding for yearly running costs.
    • To build a workshop for the skills training of underprivileged youth.
    • Employ skilled staff: e.g. chef, groundskeeper, and driver. In addition we aim to provide adequate training, counseling, and support to our care giving staff to ensure job satisfaction and to build morale.
    • We also aim to provide educational stimulation for children of non-school going age by building an early learning Centre, and to ensure that all the children of school going age attend school.

    Our endeavours to self sustain

    Sustainability Projects

    A. Solar Power – The Centre has already implemented Phase 1 of our Solar power project.

    B. Chicken Coop – The Centre is planning to erect a Chicken Coop to breed chickens to generate income.

    C. Vegetable Garden – The Centre currently has a garden and we have been successfully growing Spinach for the past 3 years. We are planning to expand our garden by planting more vegetables to consume and sell.

    Our Sponsors

    A very BIG thank you to these Key Sponsors!