Services we provide to the Local Ingogo Community

Community Programmes

Bags Of Hope

The Bags if Hope parcels was implemented in April 2020 due to the ngative affect that Covid-19 has had to the financial resources of families in the local community that rem already not coping. Food parcels each to the value of R400 was delivered to the families identified by the local clicini and community workers.

* Between 20-30 parcels delivered monthly


In November 2020 we launched our second recreational program, namely teaching children from the local Ingogo community traditional dancing. We have about 30 children attending this program daily after school and on saturdays.

These children also receive a cooked meal from our feeding scheme, and we are planning to participate in functions once a sponsor is identified to finance uniforms.

Secret Santa

This project was created in 2020 and was a huge success.

Allowing each child to receive a personalised gift that was put together with love and care by a sponsoered secret santa. The children were absolutely delighted and overjoyed for christmas 2020. The ability to give to each child in our care is a very difficult endeavour, and this truly made the biggest difference for all. It will be implemented again for 2021

PC Literacy

Microsft word and excel programs have been put in place targeting the youth of Ingogo. These students are handpicked at the local rural school.  Most of the students who attended had no prior contact with computers and had to be taught the basics of first. (how to use a mouse, etc.)

We are currently able to accommodate 16 students and are looking to increase that number if we are able to source more Computers and Software.

After Care

We have partnered with the local clinic and Ingogo primary school to identify children in need. We have children from Grade 1 to Grade 3  in the Ingogo Township that are struggling academically  due to home circumstances. We therefore launched an after care program to assist these learners with extra lessons, play therapy & occupational therapy where needed.

Each child is also given a nutritiously cooked meal each day.


In additon to our weekly programs we remain open during the school holidays creating an environments for all the children to receive a safe and therapeutic program based on play. all children attending receive meals from our feeding program as they arrive.


This is a new Skills development project we are in the process of implementing.

We are currently collecting resources to teach school leaving youth welding skills to promote and employability.

Contact us should you be able to assist in this regard.


With the exception of the our residential children all the children in these programs all reside in the Ingogo Township.

  1. The beneficiaries from the Ingogo rural community where less than 65% of the households have access to piped water &
  2. less than 85% of the households have access to electricity
  3. In addition more than 50% of their households have an average household income in the first 5 levels (incl. none) of the income data table.


soaps, shampoos, underarm
& sanitary pads, etc


books, pens, scientific
calculators, bags, etc.

Food Items

non perishable or grocery


Secondhand for boys
& girls in good condition

Computer Equipment

Old PC’s, laptops,Monitors
&other incl software,etc.

Cleaning Supplies

detergents, towels,mops
& brooms,etc.

Books & Music

reading books, DVD’s, puzzle
books, music & musical equipment,etc.

Sports / Gym Equipment

weights, sport shoes,
boxing gloves & protective gear,etc.

Want to get involved?

Send us a message and let us know how you would like to assist 🙂

    Keys to Success

    Our Objectives

    • To provide a warm, comfortable, safe and loving home for all our children, with the interaction of other organizations involved in the individual children’s needs.
    • We aim to make HIC a community project by involving the residents of Newcastle and embracing whatever skills they have to offer, even if it is just a bit of their time.
    • To secure funding for yearly running costs.
    • To build a workshop for the skills training of underprivileged youth.
    • Employ skilled staff: e.g. chef, groundskeeper, and driver. In addition we aim to provide adequate training, counseling, and support to our care giving staff to ensure job satisfaction and to build morale.
    • We also aim to provide educational stimulation for children of non-school going age by building an early learning Centre, and to ensure that all the children of school going age attend school.

    Our endeavours to self sustain

    Sustainability Projects

    A. Solar Power – The Centre has already implemented Phase 1 of our Solar power project.

    B. Chicken Coop – The Centre is planning to erect a Chicken Coop to breed chickens to generate income.

    C. Vegetable Garden – The Centre currently has a garden and we have been successfully growing Spinach for the past 3 years. We are planning to expand our garden by planting more vegetables to consume and sell.

    Our Sponsors

    A very BIG thank you to these Key Sponsors!