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Giving Childhood Back to Children


Our main objective at Hope in Christ Children’s Home is to give each child a full quality of life.

As a volunteer, you can help us achieve our objective and make it possible to give each child the opportunity to have a fulfilled life, by offering us your time and talents. Volunteering won’t just make a great impact in the children’s lives here at Hope in Christ; you would also be richly rewarded, with the experience of enriching these children’s lives.

Duties of a Volunteer

1. Administration

  • Helping with fund-raising
  • Recruiting
  • Consulting
  • Participating on the Board of Trustees

2. Support (Clerical) Services

  • Answer phones
  • Typing
  • Filing
  • Bulk mail distribution
  • Data capturing (Updating the Homes ledgers)

5. Recreational activities

  • Sports programs
  • Holiday programs
  • Art & culture
  • Games & hobbies

3. Home care

  • Gardening
  • General maintenance of property & buildings
  • Handy work (eg. Hanging shelves & pictures)
  • Food preparations/ menu adjustments
  • Sorting donations/updating stock ledgers

4. Social Work Related Activities

  • Taking children to appointments
  • Tutoring/homework & early learning program
  • Serving as a “Big Brother” or “Big Sister”
  • Assisting during HIC center’s special events
  • Provide training in skills development & religious programs, etc

Volunteers policy

  • All volunteers must have a clean record e.g. Police records and 3 referral letters, one being from a pastor.
  • All volunteers must be of good character and reputation, genuinely concerned for the interests of the children we serve and be able to provide reputable references
  • All volunteers must complete a volunteer application form.
  • Short Term or Day Volunteers will be monitored closely, especially in respect to their interaction with the children
  • Long Term Volunteers must submit the following to the approval of the Board of trustees and the manager:
    • Volunteer application form
    • All certificates documenting qualifications
    • Police clearance
  • Long-term Professional volunteers may, under no circumstances, waive an interview process.
  • International volunteers must make sure that all the relevant documents to enter South Africa are up to date:
    • Visa
    • Vaccinations
    • Medical Aid and Accident and Personal Insurance

Application Forms

Once Completed you can forward all the relative items to us by email or fax, using the contact details at the top of form/s you have downloaded.

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