Hope In Christ

Youth Care Facility

Securing a brighter future for our children


Giving Childhood Back to Children

The HIC Youth Care Facility is a registered Non-Profit organization, operating a child and youth care center with the goal of providing holistic and respectful home care to a small group of residents.

Our aim is to provide a warm, comfortable, safe and loving home for all our children, with the interaction of other organizations involved in the individual children’s needs.

Securing a brighter future for our children


Our vision is to break the cycle of abuse, neglect, HIV, and abandonment in the lives of children, through empowering these children with strong family values, structure and love and support. The result being that when a child from HIC (Hope in Christ) grows up and gets married and has children of his/her own, they will impart these same family structures and values and thereby bring down the statistics of abuse, neglect, HIV, and abandonment for future generations to come.


The Hope In Christ mission aims to promote the dignity and self-worth of all residents and we strive to give them an excellent quality of life as defined by the residents individually and as a group. To that end we aim to provide a Christian, safe, secure and loving environment to the residents, where they will be provided with adequate support, The Hope in Christ Mission is not just a care giving facility –  it is their home and community.


With up to 20 residential children and numerous community projects ongoing, HIC is constantly in need of certain items!

Should you wish to donate any of the following, please contact us to arrange. Thank you very much.


soaps, shampoos, underarm
& sanitary pads, etc


books, pens, scientific
calculators, bags, etc.

Food Items

non perishable or grocery


Secondhand for boys
& girls in good condition

Computer Equipment

Old PC’s, laptops, Monitors
& other incl software, etc.

Cleaning Supplies

detergents, towels, mops
& brooms, etc.

Books & Music

reading books, DVD’s, puzzle
books, music & musical equipment,etc.

Sports / Gym Equipment

weights, sport shoes,
boxing gloves & protective gear,etc.

Our Sponsors

A very BIG thank you to these Key Sponsors!